#tbt BURN Opening Fire

You may recognize the footage in this video. We filmed it in February 2010, and it became the opening fire scene in BURN. Before we used it in the full-length feature, we released it as a short film, called HOW TO BURN A CITY DOWN. 

Here's the same house in 2009:

In 2011:

And in 2013:

While we filmed BURN (2009-12), there were an estimated 80,000 abandoned structures in Detroit. The mayor's goal for demolition was 3,000 per year, which the city's fire commissioner aptly described "a drop in the bucket."

Prospects for demolition are looking up in 2016, according to Mayor Mike Duggan's office, with $170 million in federal blight removal funds. More than 8,600 vacant buildings have been demolished since January 2014. The city aims to take down 5,000 vacant structures in 2016 and 6,000 in 2017.

The most recent round of funding was followed by news of an FBI investigation into the city's demolition program.

We hope it gets sorted quickly and the good people of Detroit can keep moving forward.