DFD Shows Off New Rigs

After receiving $310,000 worth of gear donated by BURN and BURN supporters last May, the Detroit Fire Department received five of its fleet of new rigs last month ... what a difference! Instead of wondering if their rigs are mechanically sound enough to make it to a fire, now they're worrying about dings and scratches on the new paint. Watch through the end of the video to catch a glimpse of Engine 50s new wheels! We've heard there are more new rigs to come ... stay tuned! Watch the video here: http://bit.ly/1OJZekH

**Correction: Outgoing DFD rigs are past their prime, but not 70-90 years old, as stated by the reporter.

BURN Music on Spotify!

DID YOU KNOW ... BURN director/producer Brenna Sanchez was also the film's music supervisor? That means she selected all of the tracks that ended up in the movie, a daunting task! She spent months listening to hundreds of tracks from her own collection and beyond, discovering old and new Detroit artists along the way. We only had room for ten songs in the film, but you can listen to a playlist of Brenna's picks on Spotify!

Link to the playlist on Spotify: BURN: Music from the Detroit Firefighter Documentary

Or listen right here!

More than $310K donated to DFD, thanks to YOU!

BURN has the greatest fans in the world. Part of every movie ticket you've purchased, every DVD, Blu-ray, poster and T-shirt — went toward new equipment for Detroit firefighters. Thanks to you, more than $310,000 of much-needed new equipment:

April 2012: Momentous Insurance celebrated BURN's premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City with a $25,000 donated to the DFD. The funds were used to purchase spare parts to repair broken departmental rigs.

May 2014: Directors Tom Putnam, Brenna Sanchez and Executive Producers Denis Leary and Jim Serpico traveled to Detroit to donate $260,000 worth of gear, including:

  • 14 MSA Thermal Imaging Cameras + repair of all existing departmental imaging cameras, putting one TIC in each DFD engine
  • 14 MSA Thermal Imaging Camera vehicle kits
  • 35 MSA Altair Fire CO Gas Detectors, putting one on each engine with five as backups
  • 16 MSA Instrument calibration kits, putting one with each battalion chief with 8 as backups

Additionally, CMC Rescue, Kask America and New England Ropes donated:

  • $15,000 of high angle rescue gear including helmets, ropes, pulleys and harnesses from CMC Rescue and Kask America.
  • High angle rescue training and class time from CMC.
  • More than $10,000 in rope from New England Rope

These donated items are now in the field and directly improving the DFD's ability to answer calls, help the citizens of Detroit, and stay safe.

Again, thanks for your continued support.

Tom Putnam & Brenna Sanchez Directors/Producers, BURN


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The Women Behind BURN

BrennaSanchez copy_Fotor_Collage  

Nicola b Marsh, Director of Photography

Nicola grew up in London, and moved to the US as a news camerawoman for NBC. She holds an MFA in cinematography from The University of Southern California. Although she also shoots narrative, Nicola has had a great run behind the camera filming documentaries these past few years. In addition to her work on "BURN," she lensed 2014’s Academy Award winning documentary, "Twenty Feet From Stardom," and was nominated for an Emmy for her work on "Troubadours." She filmed two documentaries for director Cameron Crowe: "PearlJam20" (Toronto Film Festival) and "The Union" (Tribeca). Prior to that, she shot the narrative feature "Eye of The Hurricane," starring Melanie Lynskey and Campbell Scott, and the breakout horror movie "Smiley." Her cinematography has taken her around the world; she has filmed in Nigeria, Argentina, Peru, Chile, and England. She lives in Los Angeles and holds both an American and German passport, but has a good sense of humor. Nicola is repped by Innovative Artists. www.nicolabmarsh.com

Brenna Sanchez, Director/Producer

Brenna specializes in music, adventure and cultural documentaries. Prior to BURN, Brenna produced several features with Academy Award-winning director Morgan Neville, including "Hank Williams: Honky Tonk Blues" (PBS), "The Highwaymen" (CMT), "The Joy of Lex" (Discovery), "The Cool School" (PBS/Arthouse), about the LA art scene of the 1960s, "SEARCH AND DESTROY: Iggy & The Stooges’ RAW POWER" (Sony), and "Johnny Cash’s America" (Sony/A&E IndieFilms), which was nominated for a 2010 GRAMMY Award. Along with Tom Putnam, she produced, directed and distributed "BURN." "BURN" was the #1 documentary and #1 independent film on iTunes for its digital release. The film received the Audience Award at the Tribeca Film Festival and Brenna was nominated for Best New Director at the festival. She and Tom are currently working on several firefighter-related projects, and are directing a documentary feature about hip hop duo Insane Clown Posse's lawsuit against the FBI.

Morgan R. Stiff, Editor

Morgan, a North Carolina native, graduated from the University of Southern California, School of Cinema-Television, with an MFA in Film Production in 2005 after receiving her BFA from New York University in Dramatic Writing in 2002. Morgan has produced fiction and documentary films, as well as promotional videos. As an editor, Morgan has worked on tributes, music videos, fiction films, and documentaries. In addition to "BURN," editing projects include "One Bad Cat" (Ovation TV, 2009), "Mississippi Damned" (Showtime, 2011), and ANT starring Guillermo Diaz (ITVS, 2014). Morgan is the Chief Production Officer of Morgan's Mark, a production company dedicated to bringing marginalized stories to the mainstream.

Miranda Yousef, Editor

Miranda Yousef is a feature documentary editor with credits on films that have played Sundance, Tribeca, PBS and HBO.  Recent credits include: Academy Award winner Jessica Yu’s 2014 film “Misconception"; “Inequality for All,” which played the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, won a Special Jury Prize and was acquired by the Weinstein Company for theatrical distribution; “BURN,” which won the Audience Award at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival; and “Troubadours,” which premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, played on PBS’s “American Masters,” and was nominated for an Emmy award.  Other projects have included Academy Award nominee Kirby Dick’s 2009 release “Outrage,” 2008 IDA Audience Award winner “Food Fight,” and 2008 Sundance Film Festival favorite “I.O.U.S.A.”


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Firefighters Helping Firefighters: "Wheels for Bill" Campaign

From Firefighters Helping Firefighters:

Houston Fire Department Captain William “Iron Bill” Dowling was crushed and burned while responding to a 5-Alarm fire at the Southwest Inn on May 31, 2013. Four firefighters lost their lives in that blaze. And, Bill’s life and that of his family’s was forever changed that day. Both of Bill’s legs were amputated and he suffered several other life threatening injures.

From Bill's wife, Jacki: "Bill is still only allotted 3 hours of sitting a day. For the most part, the only time he goes anywhere, is when he has a Dr. Appt. and all his travel is via ambulance. We are not permitted to use those services for personal use. This would allow us to travel (while Bill lays down) to our kids sporting events, to see our son, visit family, and much more. Any help is appreciated!

Friends of the Dowlings want to provide them a transportation RV (like the one pictured) that would enable Bill to lay down for travelling and has some of the basics including a restroom, a refrigerator for medications and would enable him to maintain his health while on the road. Read the full story below.

Bill was hospitalized continuously almost 8 months and then had many subsequent stays at the hospital as they dealt with the ongoing effects of all of his injuries. But Bill and his wife, Jacki, are SURVIVORS along with their three children. Jacki, a school teacher, left her job to help Bill recover. Many modifications had to be made to their home to accommodate Bill’s needs and it has been a long journey to say the least. Bill’s determination has brought him a long way in his therapy. And, he recently received an ATV-like wheel chair so now he has gone mobile. But, transportation for long distances is not possible at this point. As much as he wants to go to his daughter’s volleyball tournaments on the road or go to Colorado Springs to honor his fallen firefighters in the IAFF Firefighters Memorial in September, travelling long distances isn’t an option. Air travel is not feasible. You see, Bill cannot sit for long periods of time and has to lay down for much of his day.

Friends of the Dowlings want to provide them a transportation RV that would enable Bill to lay down for travelling and has some of the basics including a restroom, a refrigerator for medications and would enable him to maintain his health while on the road. This vehicle can be kept at their house and doesn’t require storage like a travelling trailer or RV. However, his doesn’t come cheap. We have found such a used vehicle here in Houston that would need to be outfitted to enable wheelchair access. The dealer will only hold this vehicle for 1 month. We want to make this happen and need your help!

If we can go viral and get $5 per donor this CAN happen for the Dowlings. We want to do this for Bill & Jacki, their family, their faith, their determination and their quality of life. Bill’s life was changed while serving the city of Houston. Bill also served our country in the USMC prior to becoming a Houston Firefighter.



Donate through Paypal now!


 Pictured from left: 1) Daughter Faith, son Forrest, Captain Bill Dowling, son Foster and wife Jacki. 2) Bill working hard! 3) "Tank Chair" inventor Brad Soden with Bill.

Donations can be made through PayPal, any Chase Bank Branch or mailed directly to Chase Bank.  *Donations are NOT made to Firefighters Helping Firefighters and are not considered tax deductible.  Donations are confidential and as such, will not be acknowledged individually.  Please know that your support is greatly appreciated by the Dowling Family!  

To Donate at any Chase Bank:

1. Make your check payable to William Dowling Donation Account 2. Enter “For Deposit Only – 3024646597″ on the back of the check 3. Put #3024646597 in the memo field 4. Obtain a Chase Deposit Ticket 5. Check Savings Account Box 6. Customer Name: William Dowling Donation Account 7. Account Number: 3024646597 8. Present deposit ticket to Teller

To Donate by Check:

1. Make your check payable to: William Dowling Donation Account 2. Enter “For Deposit Only – 3024646597″ on the back of the check 3. Put #3024646597 in the memo field 4. Mail to: National Bank by Mail (NBBM), KY1-0900 Chase P.O. Box 36520 Louisville, KY 40233-6520

Firefighters Helping Firefighters is not receiving any donations made through Chase Bank or the PayPal button.  They, like BURN, are only promoting this fundraising effort.  You can read about Bill’s story just about anywhere on the internet and follow him on his Facebook page.